08. Sep 2023

QUARTIER BEELITZ-HEILSTÄTTEN: 2nd sales phase launched!!!

Today, we officially launch the marketing of the second phase with 120 new single-family homes

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21. Mar 2023

Groundbreaking for School Construction

With the start of construction for the private primary school, another building complex is now being realized.

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06. Feb 2023

Construction Start for Supermarket

In close proximity to the medical center, the REWE supermarket is now being built.

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11. Oct 2022
15. Jun 2022

“QUARTIER BEELITZ-HEILSTÄTTEN” – 1st sales section now complete!

With the current sales launch, the first marketing phase has now been completed.

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29. Apr 2022

“THE SEVEN”: Laying of the foundation stone of the elementary school is done!

The foundation stone for the “Michael Ende Elementary School” was laid this month.

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21. Apr 2022

“QUARTIER BEELITZ-HEILSTÄTTEN”: Sales Launch of further apartments!

With another new building the completion of the new center is moving one step closer.

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31. Jan 2022

“THE SEVEN” – Sold!

Sales of our project “THE SEVEN” have been successfully completed in January 2022.

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05. Oct 2021

“THE SEVEN” – Only 3 apartments left!

Over 90% of the coveted condominiums at the Babelsberg Film Park have already been sold

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05. Oct 2021

“Wohnen am Plänterwald”: Sold out!

All 62 apartments in our project have been sold.

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29. Sep 2021


Our new project in Beelitz has started!

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25. Feb 2021
12. Jan 2021

THE SEVEN – Construction activities

The building permit has been given and construction works are already in progress.

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12. Nov 2020

THE SEVEN – Sales Launch!

The marketing and sales activities for the condominiums at the first houses have started.

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26. Aug 2020

Coming Soon: New construction project in Potsdam-Babelsberg

Seven urban villas in Art Deco-style with a total of 133 apartments are being built close to Filmpark Babelsberg.

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05. Jun 2020

“Wohnen am Plänterwald” – Start of construction!

The building licence has been granted and the first construction works are progressing rapidly.

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21. Apr 2020

“Wohnen am Plänterwald” – 50 percent already taken!

Currently the supermarket is teared down.

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15. Nov 2019

“Wohnen am Plänterwald – Willkommen zu Hause”: Sales Launch!

The marketing and sales activities have started.

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23. Sep 2019

Coming Soon: New construction project in Berlin-Treptow

The preparations for our new construction project close the Plänterwald are in full swing.

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15. Feb 2019

„Mein Weißensee – Wohnen im Moselviertel“: Sales Launch!

The marketing and sales activities have started.

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18. Jan 2019

„Grüne Aue“: 100% sold!

All detached houses and apartments are sold.

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16. Jan 2019

Coming Soon: Berlin – Weißensee

We are in preparation for a new project in Berlin-Weißensee. Register now for first information.

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14. Jan 2019

„Refugium Beelitz-Heilstätten“: Sold out…

All apartments in this project have been sold.

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31. Oct 2018

„Bleicheroder Straße 7“: Sold out!

All apartments have been sold before completion and approx. one month after the roofing ceremony.

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18. Oct 2018

„Grüne Aue“: Favoured residential area – More than 90 % sold

While the first residents moved in, we can inform you about a selling state of more than 90 %.

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01. Oct 2018

„Brunnen Viertel“: Attractive rental apartments and current photos

Contact us for further information of our rental offers in the attractive south of Potsdam.

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20. Sep 2018
Verimag GmbH| Vermarktung Berlin | Immobilien Berlin

„Bleicheroder Straße 7“: We celebrate the roofing ceremony!

With a great participation of parties involved in building, the roofing ceremony was celebrated.

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03. Sep 2018

„Grüne Aue Biesdorf“: Attic apartments with great view

A great view, partially to the “Fernsehturm”…

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07. Jun 2018
Verimag GmbH | Wohnen in Berlin | Wohnungen Berlin

„Brunnen Viertel“: We celebrate the roofing ceremony!

With a great participation of costumers and parties involved in building the roofing ceremony was celebrated.

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29. May 2018

„Bleicheroder Straße 7“: City penthouse with two roof terraces!

From dreams to reality: An exclusive penthouse apartment with 2 roof terraces which you can reach them every of the 4 rooms.

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16. May 2018

„Brunnen Viertel“: Sold out…

All apartments have been sold before completion.

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16. May 2018
02. May 2018
21. Feb 2018

„Brunnen Viertel“: Rental started

The first rental apartments with attractive floor plans are available in the Brunnen district.

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06. Feb 2018

Grüne Aue“: Condos available – Also available as an investment

The demand is great. The first buildings will be ready in summer 2018.

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31. Jan 2018

„Refugium Beelitz-Heilstätten“: Press

The press is also showing great interest in our project in Beelitz-Heilstätten.

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19. Jan 2018

„Bleicheroder Straße 7“: Already awarded 60%

Living in an architecturally sophisticated city villa with south-facing balconies in sought-after residential area in Pankow.

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15. Dec 2017

„Brunnen Viertel“: Potsdam in demand

With the optimal mix of small town charm, big city flair and nature, Potsdam ensures a good quality of life.

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29. Nov 2017

„Grüne Aue“: Condominiums in beautiful townhouses

The condominiums are built in three architecturally sophisticated city villas with living space of approx. 60 to ca. 80 m².

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03. Nov 2017

“Refugium Beelitz-Heilstätten”: Representative unique apartments

A monument ensemble that is unparalleled in Germany.

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13. Oct 2017

„Grüne Aue“: More then 50% sold!

We can report a marketing level of 70%.

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06. Oct 2017

„Brunnen Viertel“: Construction progress and sales booth

In the south of Potsdam, the progress of the project “Brunnen Viertel” is quite visible. The first stage of construction is near completion.

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27. Sep 2017

„Bleicheroder Straße 7“: Buy instead of renting!

With its good urban residential area, Pankow offers a grown infrastructure and ideal transportation links with the S2 or the U2 to Friedrichstraße or Alexanderplatz.

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19. Sep 2017

„Grüne Aue“: We celebrate the roofing ceremony!

With big participation of the acquirers and members of different trades on site the roofing ceremony was celebrated.

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01. Sep 2017

„Brunnen Viertel“: Radio spot!

Listen to the new radio commercial from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on 89.2 Radio Potsdam.

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29. Aug 2017

„Villen am Filmpark“: All apartments are rented!

We can report a 100% renting state today.

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24. Aug 2017

„Grüne Aue“: Things are progressing!

Convince yourself of the construction progress and visit us directly on site:

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15. Aug 2017

„Brunnen Viertel“: Already 60 % sold!

High demand in the project „Brunnen Viertel“! Prospective buyers can convince themselves directly in the show room on the construction site.

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08. Jun 2017

„Bleicheroder Straße 7“: Sales activities started!

We started selling our new project “Bleicheroder Straße 7”!

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27. Apr 2017

„Brunnen Viertel“: Laying of the foundation stone & roofing ceremony!

Today the roofing ceremony for the 1st section and the laying of the foundation stone for the 2nd section was celebrated in the south of Potsdam.

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06. Apr 2017

„Grüne Aue“: Start of construction!

The construction in Berlin-Biesdorf by the idyllically situated Wuhle has begun.

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27. Feb 2017

“Grüne Aue”: Already 40% sold…

Strong demand at “Grüne Aue”!

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10. Jan 2017

„Villen am Filmpark“: Attractive rental apartments

More than 40 rental apartments with attractive ground plots and living space from 45-110 qm (2-4 rooms).

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05. Dec 2016

“Grüne Aue”: Construction activities…

Construction activities at project “Gruene Aue”!

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07. Nov 2016

Brunnen Viertel: Sales at 2nd section started!

Due to the high demand at “Brunnen Viertel” in Potsdam the sales at 2nd section just started!

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01. Sep 2016

“Grüne Aue”: Sales begins…

Sales activities started at our new project “Grüne Aue”.

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01. Aug 2016

Brunnen Viertel: 50% sold!

Strong demand in “Brunnen Viertel”.

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15. Jul 2016

Zobeltitz30: Sold out…

All apartments have been sold before completion in summer/autumn 2016.

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04. Jul 2016

Villen am Filmpark: Sold out…

All apartments have been sold!

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25. May 2016

Villen am Filmpark: Roofing ceremony…

The roofing ceremony has been held together with our clients, buyers, architects and workers.

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02. May 2016

Zobeltitz 30: Completion shortly!

Our project will be completed shortly.

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12. Apr 2016

Villen am Filmpark: Only a few apartments left…

onstruction works of the representative Villas at Stahnsdorfer Straße is in progress.

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01. Mar 2016

Brunnen Viertel: Sales started!

Our new project “Brunnen Viertel” just started!

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16. Sep 2015

Villen am Filmpark: Construction has started!

Together with the Mayor of Potsdam, Jann Jakobs, we celebrated the beginning of construction.

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15. Sep 2015

Zobeltitz 30: Sales launch!

VERIMAG started sales activities of 8 condominiums with 3 or 4 rooms in an elegant town house.

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07. Jun 2015

Villen am Filmpark: Already 70% sold!

Potsdam is booming and our apartments in Babelsberg are very popular.

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01. Jun 2015

Thaerstraße 37: Roofing ceremony!

With large participation of buyers, architects and construction parties the roofing ceremony was celebrated.

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15. Dec 2014

Villen am Filmpark: Sales launch!

The marketing and sales activities have started!

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01. Aug 2014

Thaerstraße 37: More than 90% sold!

Our new project Thaer37 is very popular! By the end of July 2014 more than 90 % of the apartments were notarized and there is still demand.

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10. Jul 2014

Thaerstraße 37: Construction starts

The building permit has been received and construction started!

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11. Nov 2013

Thaerstraße 37: Sales started!

Our new project “Thaer37” just started!

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